Experts in print and website design, content creation and digital marketing

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Creative web design from our studio in Devon. Give your customers what they want. Fast loading pages, easy navigation, and a streamlined site with great content

Web Design
Website design example. A screenshot from the Devon Home website


We have decades of experience as publishers of leading publications. If you’re looking to build customer awareness and loyalty and reach a targeted audience, a magazine is an ideal platform.

Magazine Publishing
Magazine publishing example. Devon Home magazine cover


Professional copywriting for web and print. Words and pictures for your website, blog, social media, brochure, and content marketing campaigns

Content Marketing


It can be difficult to know where to start when publishing your own book. We Make Media can help

Book Publishing

Devon web design company, book and magazine publisher

We create websites that are bespoke, SEO and content-driven. We publish magazines and books that build customer awareness and loyalty, and reach a targeted audience.

We create content for web and print that is unique and attention-grabbing. Our team of trained journalists and writers will tell your story. Our photographers, illustrators and graphic designers will bring your story to life.

Family-run, We Make Media was established in 2009 by Jeff and Jennie Cooper. Approachable, friendly and down-to-earth, we each have 25 years of national, regional and local publishing experience: Jeff as graphic/web designer and publisher, Jennie as journalist and editor. 

Today, we’re happiest when working with like-minded, small businesses, working to improve your company with the same love and dedication as our own.

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